Whether you are an attorney seeking a new challenge, a law firm in need of additional attorneys, or a corporation seeking an in-house attorney at any level, contacting Kaufman-Davidson Associates (KDA) will dramatically improve your chances of a successful outcome.

We take your job search very seriously and seek good matches based upon your personality, your experience and your desires. We assist in preparing you for the interviewing process, we provide advance information about firm culture and the people you will be meeting, we provide feedback from your interviews and we keep you apprised as to the status of your candidacy.Karen's wealth of experience and knowledge is a benefit throughout the transitional process;

All information provided by you to us is held in the strictest confidence and will not under any circumstances be released without your prior authorization.

Not all jobs are listed with all headhunters; Kaufman * Davidson Associates works with many law firms that are "opportunistic" hirers; Our long-standing relationships with key partners allows us to often create the perfect job for the right candidate.

We will be honest with you about your candidacy and your best options.

There are many important considerations to take into account when seeking a legal recruiter; We encourage you to carefully interview potential recruiters.


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